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Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Can I log in from my phone?

Can it show schedules on Google Calendar & Outlook?

Does this work if we have multiple locations or departments?

What if my schedules vary, will this still work?

What if I delete employees - will their history be saved?


Is this solution adaptable to a 24 / 7 staffing scenario?

We are a seasonal operation, will it work for us?

What is the best way to do a trial run to see if it fits my needs?

Is there a way to import employee information?

Can we add and delete employees at any time?

Can I set up multiple managers?

How long do you keep our data?

Does it have a time and attendance (time clock) component?

Does it work with time clock or payroll programs?

Do you require a contract?

Do you offer non-profit prices?

Are there any taxes associated with your service?

Can I trust that WhenToWork will be around in the future?


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